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Veritask Energy Systems, Inc. (VESI) is a technology company, which specializes in development of cost effective solutions for substantial fuel utilization improvement primarily in power generation sector. Elements of these technologies are universal and applicable to process plants as well.

Our technologies target incremental equipment modifications within traditional power generating systems while requiring rearrangement of process streams to achieve a superior thermal efficiency and emissions performance, as well as maintaining or improving plant reliability and extended availability. At the end of the day, VESI technologies provide substantial operational profit due to fuel consuption reduction, require lower capital investment and lower maintanance cost.

The differentiating principle of the VESI solutions is the achievement of high performance efficiency within simple cycles such as regenerative Rankine (steam) cycle and Brayton (gas) cycles (as opposed to combined cycles and /or CHP applications). The target efficiencies of our technologies are 50%+ and 70% + respectively for the cycles listed above.

Another concurrent benefit of our solutions is an inherent (none-catalytic) NOx emissions suppression to the levels presently achieved with add-on catalytic system (SCR). Improved conditions for Mercury capture, as well as SOx, Chlorides and other pollutants removal are also inherent features of the proposed solutions.

The following are the major principles of the VESI’s approach to its technologies retrofit:
  • Alteration of the advanced combustion processes
  • Minimization of plant energy use
  • Cost-effective utilization of low-potential energy
  • Multi-functional purpose of system components
  • Low construction and operating cost
  • Target Return on Investment -- three to five years


Provide advanced cost-effective solutions to boost dominating power generations technologies by attaining leap-changes in fuel consumption saving and environmental impact reduction to effectively minimize US dependence on imported fuel, ensure preservation of public health and environment, and maintain USA leading position in power generation and energy utilization technology development and export.

Key to Success

  • Innovative, cost-effective add-in and stand-alone equipment/systems resulting in significant improvement of the customers' operation and maintenance costs.
  • Aggressive business strategy including licensing, profit sharing, and public offering.
  • Strategic alliances with major power operating and fuel supply companies in the US.
Multi-functional services

  • Bottle-necks of existing plant/system evaluation
  • System Integration
  • Cost and Risk Assessment
  • Combustion Systems alteration and design
  • Low Potential Heat recovery Systems engineering and design
  • Water treatment Engineering, Design and Equipment
  • Control system logic alterations and enhancement including on-line performance analysis and generating recipes for optimization
Project Execution

We execute our projects in collaboration with established USA businesses while assuming responsibility for an overall system design through effective integration of the advanced technology principles, supply required information for design, fabrication, and construction, coordinate efforts between participants, and providing active support during start-up and commissioning. Our experienced staff delivers due diligent performance and has great experience in engineering, design and construction for various project sizes from commercial to large-scale utilities.

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Power Solutions

General direction of power industry development brings sophisticated and yet costly solutions to answer both fuel saving and environmental concerns. Still, they present an incremental improvement comparable to today's practice. For instance, traditional sub-critical regenerative steam cycle's efficiency expected to grow about 2% (absolute) within next 25 years. This increase will be doubled with the introduction of a super-critical regenerative steam cycle. Besides marginal efficiency improvement, suppression of hazardous emissions such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) is achieved using ultra-low NOx combustion technology in combination with catalytic and non-catalytic reduction systems known as SCR or SNCR. This trend of the power plants improvement is likely to dominate the power market for the next 20 years, because it offers lower costs of ownership and maintenance without sacrificing the reliability of plant operation.
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